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Julie Pecquet has her own distinctive way of arranging breathtaking shows and setting the spotlight on artists. Through her fantastic, theatrical or avant-garde stage settings and ambience, she is able to treat the audience to an utter 360 degree show experience. Alongside her creative team, Julie accompanies the entire creational process beginning with the first idea until the finished stage performance. Conception and development, choice of music, direction and dramaturgy, costume and stage design, light control and stage technology, choreography and rehearsal – Julie Pecquet and her team offer holistic show concepts that fulfill demands and leave no room for mediocrity. At the same time budgets, timings, organization and logistics are taken care of with the same elaborateness. Needless to say, professionalism – on and off stage – is being highly valued and kept.


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Julie Pecquet was thoroughly trained in dancing and acting in France. Having found her passion for dancing, she studied at the Lola-Rogga-School in Hamburg and accomplished a state-approved diploma for dance education. Wanting to sharpen her dancing skills, she proceeded to take part in further training and stays (Edge & Millenium Dance Center/Los Angeles; Broadway Dance Center/New York; Studio Harmonic/Paris). She also continued to strengthen her acting through taking classes at the Arturo acting school in Cologne, the Stuntfigting Academy in Hamburg and International Voice in Berlin.

It’s Julie’s style to think inside of the box, she is the one to set her own distinctive marks in the scene. Her creativity is beyond boundaries and her inspirations are as versatile as life itself. With pure devotion, she uses nature, music, art and human encounters to express herself as an artist. To always deliver refreshing, new and surprising work, she uses and combines stylistic devices from different episodes, even avant-gardism and futurism find their way into Julie Pecquet’s output.


Naduah has been a longstanding partner and team-member of Julie Pecquet Production since 2011.

Whilst being an assistant, dancer, co-choreographer/coach and even head of the media production department, Naduah Denkinger kept up exceptional teamwork.



Jamel has been a member of the team for many years.

He has an undeniable talent for cutting, editing and composing music.

Not only knowing how to create an ear-catching beat, but also how to move to it, Jamel El Shemi has been a dancer on various stages all over the world for many years and has now moved on to be a dance teacher, coach and DJ.


Christelle also spent many years as a part of the team.

Being truly gifted with the ability to create stunning head-to-toe costumes, she made her work stand out on many events and TV shows. In 2014 she even founded her own collection „Christal and pearls“. Individual requests regarding, as example, textiles of all kinds, won’t be an issue. As an imposing dancer, she already stood on plenty of the world’s renowned stages and still does.



Nicole acts as a vocal coach on request for Julie Pecquet Production.

Her career began early as a singer, songwriter and teacher. Having also stood on the stage as an dancer for JPP, Nicole Hodolik is a true all-rounder.

Julie Pecquet - CEO / Creative Director

Naduah Denkinger - Assistant / Co-Choreographer

Jamel El Shemi - DJ / Music Editing

Christelle Gilles - Costume Designer / Co-Choreographer

Nicole Hodolik - Vocal Coach

Show Conception

  • Ideas and conception
  • According to your wishes
  • Support development

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Event Design

  • Location scouting
  • Suitable design
  • Catering

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  • Artist booking
  • Project management
  • Music and video editing

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  • Resource Planning
  • Severally artist bookable
  • Support service

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FRENCH - devotion for art

GERMAN - capability and discipline

INTERNATIONAL - understanding and teamwork

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